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Financial Transformations beyond the Covid-19 Health Crisis

The current COVID-19 global health pandemic that forced unusual measures such as social distancing and strict lockdowns in many countries is changing the world, bringing about an un-precedented crisis, and shaking up all sectors of the finance and real economy. It is also expected to cause changes in many of our certainties and practices including the basis of the market-led version of capitalism by bringing back social and health considerations at the fore-front of firms’ considerations, investors’ strategies and government agendas. Health uncertain-ties as well as their increasing consequences for human life and activities would also require stronger and faster actions to shape the pathways towards sustainability. This health crisis seems to be the visible part of the iceberg as the World Health Organization tracked 1,483 epidemic events in 172 countries during 2011–2018 (Global-Preparedness-Monitoring-Board, 2019), suggesting that many other similar diseases can evolve in the future from epidemic to pandemic in a globalized world.

The handbook seeks conceptual, empirical and policy papers, using quantitative and qualitative methods alike, to provide the readers including investors, managers, and policymakers with new results, recent findings and future perspectives on the impacts of the Covid-19 episode on financial markets, firm behaviors, financing policies, and investments strategies.

Guest-editors: Sabri Boubaker & Duc Khuong Nguyen

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing

Call for chapters: Link

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